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The most unnatural feeling in my world is pain. Being a competitive, elite athlete most of my life I am accustomed to it. Also familiar with navigating and working through pain without fully healing. We should not reduce our physical expectations because we don’t believe in our body’s innate ability to heal.  The beauty of the human machine is its ability to regenerate cells and resume function at an optimal level.  We are living in an information age where science supports motion and healing; we don’t have to live in fear of pain.  We can prepare to move and better ourselves through properly programmed exercise and guidance.  A body that moves optimally is more efficient, burns more calories, feels and looks years younger. That is my vision for all my clientele and I have been committed to my clients’ results for over 20 years.


On that note nothing is possible without proper energy balancing. Whether it is food as fuel, sleep and/or stress management we must formulate a plan of action to create the best internal environment for our bodies to aesthetically benefit from the rigors of personalized exercise.  Always at my clients’ disposal to discuss feelings, rumors and myths they associate with exercise and nutrition. Together we will find the balance necessary to facilitate the fastest results and increase quality of life on all fronts.  That is the “Right Angle!”

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