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Vita Rice

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Raised in a family of doctors I understand the importance of being healthy. Being a fitness professional allows me to prevent people from seeing doctors, or see them less. By creating a healthy personal environment, we are taking care of ourselves today and creating a better future. Let’s think about it as we do our retirement plans, but not in our banks, but inside of us. I truly enjoy educating, empowering and motivating my clients.


I aim to help everyone reach beyond his or her goals. Teaching people to be active, athletically conditioned and conscious of their well-being achieves health and fitness goals. Each session my clients are learning to understand their bodies, what signals to listen to and which to ignore. Our bodies are meant to move in different planes of motion and pain free. The human body is truly a fascinating organism/machine/creation. We are capable of way more than we can imagine. Once my clients get their mindset right, they can reach a fitness level of which they couldn’t have dreamed. Combining weight lifting with body weight exercises, cardio aspects, Yoga, Pilates, balance and breathing techniques depending on what is most beneficial.


Everyone has potential roadblocks (time, money, injuries, family or personal issues, dietary conflict). Let me help you to walk up to and jump over these imaginary barriers. For me fitness is more than just activity, it’s a way of life and state of mind. I want to share that with my clients. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t end at the gym; you take it home with you, into your kitchen and your bed. Same with my sessions, I don’t train just muscles or exercises; I make you stronger, leaner and more mobile. We will talk diet frequently and discuss how to create awesome healthy meals for the dinner table.



B.S. Marketing & Economics: Ternopil National University of Economics, Ukraine.

International Sports Sciences Association –CPT, Nutritionist

USA Weightlifting – Sport performance coach

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